Monday, 29 February 2016

"Secret Keeper" has been released!

Yes, it has finally been done. “Secret Keeper” is out at Amazon international. I’ve also started the publishing process for iBooks, 24Symbols, Nook, Kobo, Page Foundry, Scribd, and Tolino through Draft2Digital. Links to those pages will be posted at a latter date.

It feels strange to know a book of mine is out in the world for money now.

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Release Is Imminent

The time has almost come. The time to release the first novel of a series I’ve already written four novels of: The Knight Agency. I’ve already posted a few basics in these two posts. Now everything is prepared, “Secret Keeper” is ready. I have finished editing and I have my cover, done by my good friend Holz Vanderhuetten:

“We are the thin red line which separates order from chaos.”
For a thousand years, the Knight Agency has secretly kept watch, protecting mankind and society from innumerable threats. For five of those, Agent Jane Browne has already played her part in this game as well. But now, a threat is aimed at herself and the few she cares about. The mysterious ‘M’ might find out it’s not a good idea to tease a Knight Agent in general - and much less of a good idea to tease Agent Browne in person.

I will start working on editing “Key Pieces” soon and I am working on a novel set in an alternate reality in which the Knight Agency does not exist yet.

Saturday, 13 February 2016

The Knight Agency develops

Here’s another update from me. I have just, like ten minutes ago, officially finished the first draft of a fourth Knight Agency novel. I have almost finished editing the first novel, too. I’m rather confident one more round of editing the text will leave me with something I can actually ask money for. A friend of mine is making the cover for me and I hope to have the novel on Amazon and several other platforms by the end of February. (Earlier for preference.)

The novels so far are:

  • Secret Keeper (to be released this month)
  • Key Pieces (hopefully to be released in the first half of 2016)
  • Crime Pays Sometimes (to be released in 2016)
  • A Plague of Rogues (to be released in 2016)

All four of them feature the same main characters, although the cast is added to over time, but have vastly different stories to tell.

If you want to read some snipplets from the novels, you can do so on the Facebook page for Cay Reet. It also includes some screenshots from a little game I’ve been working on, which also features the cast of the novels.

I’m a little scared of myself, to be honest, but I’m also looking forward to really publish my work in places where thousands upon thousands can find it.