Friday, 24 February 2017

Knight Agency #4 gets released

As I write this, the fourth Knight Agency novel, “A Plague of Rogues,” has been submitted to Amazon and several other platforms and will be released on all of them within, probably, a week (Amazon probably tomorrow, but some of the platforms I reach through Draft 2 Digital take their time).

“Just think about what you could do to him … that should keep you entertained.”
A little favour for Sir Abraham Mortimer, head of the Board of Associates Jane is sitting on for the Knight Agency, turns into a large-scale adventure introducing the Uncle and the Niece. For a change, Jane needs to rely on her more discreet skills such as seduction and acting to find out what is happening. Also included are: a spectral monk haunting the grounds of an old manor house, kidnappings, daring deeds, a budding love affair, and, of course, a plague of rogues.

I was going to release this novel last year in November, but real life intervened and I decided to just miss one of my planned release dates and release it on schedule in February instead. I doubt I have that many fans who were direly missing the novel, but I’m not giving up hope. Jane’s stories are good and sooner or later, people will realize that.

Writing-wise, I’m into the second novel of the Black Knight Agency series (the first one will be my next release) and have penned the basics for another story which I will write afterwards and which might become a third series. That one will not include Jane, but I’m sure Inez and Tom will be just as much fun to write. I will get to write lots of heists for that one.

Two more Knight Agency novels are done, “From Past to Future” and “Death Dealer.” They will also be released this year, real-life interventions pending.