Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Phoenix Song published

Yes, I have done a final step with a story I wrote some time ago – Phoenix Song.

Unfortunately, it’s not as great as the title of this post suggests: I merely published the story as a free e-book at Feedbooks.com. So, no big contract and no heaps of money coming in … but people will have a chance to read my story, all the same. No editor to go over the whole thing again, either, so there might be quite some typos left.

On the whole, I was positively surprised, though, with how easy it all was. I registered over there (have been downloading books from the site before – they have a great number of free e-books, both classics and new ones) and soon afterwards, I could start publishing my first story. I will, however, publish other stories over there as well – once I’m done with them. A few short stories are ready for publishing, so they should be up in a few weeks at the outmost. Others are still ‘work in progress’, so they will be published once I’m done.

You might have spied that new and currently rather short list beside the posts. This is where I will post direct links to my stories, once they’re published at Feedbooks, so keep an eye out for updates!

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