Saturday, 9 November 2013

More Loki

While I should be working on a story, another update from me … please don’t tell the muse, though. I have finished a few stories and am working on more of them. Here a short overview:

Servant of Life (The Loki Files #6):

The sixth part of the Loki Files is done and awaiting editing. It includes nanites and a wedding.

In the Blood:

One of the alternate Loki stories I wrote in the meantime (or am still working on). In this story, Loki is older, the same age as Odin, but still a trickster and mischief-maker. I rather liked writing it, now it has to be edited.

Chained God:

A proof I still can write smut, as it were. Another Loki story, but this one is not told from Loki’s perspective. This one deals with Loki’s reputation as a womanizer (more so than In the Blood) and the change meeting a god can make in a woman. Like the other two, it is done, but not edited yet.

Living Conditions:

I just started this one. After fighting with the last smut scene in Chained God for a week (so not kidding here!), I was in the mood for another light-hearted story, something of a buddy movie in the style of Birth of Gods, so in this one, both Loki and Thor live on earth under the names Tom and Chris. It will take a while to finish now, only have two chapters done. Still, I like it.

Marriage Arrangements:

A love story of sorts. I might be packing the angst too tightly here, thought. I started the story before Chained Gods and am not 100% sure when and if I will finish it. If I do, Loki will marry a mortal Sigyn in this one.

Yet unnamed stories:

There are fragments of some much darker stories about Loki in my mind, too, but somehow I haven’t even started them yet. They’re just breeding for now and will hatch sometime in the future. Or not, it depends on the muse.

A lot of stuff to do here, I should try to find time for the editing as well, the three finished stories are good (well, my impression). That’s it for the moment, back to Tom and Chris.

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