Wednesday, 8 April 2015

A Reboot for a Vampire

A long time ago (before I moved out of my parents’ home ten years ago), I started writing a long mystery story set in Victorian England. I was still writing in German then and “Der Fall des Cornwall Vampirs” (The Case of the Cornwall Vampire) grew to one hundred pages. Then, however, it was stalled and it hasn’t grown any longer since then.

Recently, I realized it might be easy enough to take the story of this one and separate it into three different story lines. It was kind of fractured, anyway. So a few days ago, while I was about to finish another short story (“Vengeful Ghost” now awaiting proofreading), I decided to sketch out the three story lines and now I have the files up and can start rewriting and reworking the stories of the Blind Medium, the Blood Ruby, and the Cornwall Vampire, introducing a few characters that might also be around for more stories over time.
Perhaps, it would also work well as one long story, but I have realized by now I feel much more comfortable with the novella format. I can write the 20,000 to 30,000 words of such a story in a month or less (well, sometimes it takes longer) and it doesn’t develop any uncomfortable lengths which might make it boring. I might not have what it takes to write novels, but currently I’m pretty content with writing novellas or short stories.

I still like the characters I created for the original story and I will try to somehow pull them all from the story I wrote into the stories I now plan to write. Some will have to wait a little longer, one might have to wait until after the end of the three novellas planned so far, but I hope I will be able to work them all in over time. Currently in planning are those three stories:

The Case of the Blind Medium

Count Benjamin Farrens investigates a new medium making rounds among the rich and the nobles of London. But when he finally manages to attend a séance, the adolescent medium’s guardian gets killed. When the detective-inspector on the case seems set on blaming it on the blind boy, Benjamin throws his brain and his money into the case.

The Case of the Blood Ruby

An unexpected visit from the past brings memories of Count Benjamin’s travels through Asia. Then both Benjamin and his guest are drawn into the daring theft of a cursed jewel. Does death really follow those who touch the Blood Ruby? Or is there just no honour among thieves?

The Case of the Cornwall Vampire

A tourist’s complain at Scotland Yard seems strange at first view. How many people complain about a vampire attack in the Queen’s Britain? The countryside in Cornwall might be nice, but the inhabitants are suspiciously silent. And which roles play a retired researcher and his sick daughter?

Benjamin Farrens will probably have future adventures as well, but for the time being, he will be in those three stories which I hope to have finished in a few months. Before I do, however, I should get my recent short stories out.

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