Friday, 29 May 2015


After the last post, in which I updated my progress with three stories I planned to publish soon, now comes the post about their release. All three are now available for free at Feedbooks. Links will appear at the side of this blog, on my website, and here in the post as subtitles. The word-count now is the official Feedbooks word-count.

A short MCU AU (Alternate Universe). Loki won the battle for New York City (and later the world), S.H.I.E.L.D. went underground and a rather inexperienced female agent is sent to spy on Loki and do some recon in former Stark Tower. Things don’t progress as planned and end in smut. (6,506 Words)

Another MCU AU (Alternate Universe), trying partially to explain what happened to Odin at the end of “Thor: The Dark World.” Loki’s trick is exposed and he’s sent down to Midgard while Thor (and the rest of Asgard) try to find out what happened to Odin and how Loki came to replace him. He’s placed in the care of Agent Shaw, who sometimes isn’t sure whether to give the God of Mischief a few kicks in his behind or a few hugs. Things only get more complicated after a blizzard and the visit of a raven. No outright smut in this one, but some suggestions. (16,687 Words)

This one is based on Norse Loki, not MCU Loki, and it might become a little series itself in time. Jane Carter became Jack Carter, so she could survive in more-or-less Victorian London on her own. Living as a freelancing journalist, a penny-a-liner, she stumbles over a job advertisement that’s too good to be true and finds herself in a world beyond the one she always thought was ‘real.’ (16,533 Words)

All stories are proofread (but nobody is free of mistakes, so there still might be some in them). And, as mentioned already, they’re for free.

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