Thursday, 3 December 2015

Knight Agency: Introduction

I added a third story to the Knight Agency series last month, writing almost 78,000 words in 18 days this time. “Crime Pays Sometimes” will make a nice addition to “Secret Keeper” and “Key Pieces.” I even have ideas for two more stories in my mind - though one would be an ‘alternate reality’ story based on something Jane and Steven make up in the third novel. Since this series definitely is here to stay, I have decided to do a little introduction to the Knight Agency and the main characters of my books here. This post is about the Knight Agency, a post with the characters will follow later.

So what is the Knight Agency?

It’s an international secret organisation financing itself through several fronts and the connection to other companies. Founded around 1000 A.D. by a group of knights set on protecting their realm, it protects mankind from internal and external threats alike.

How is it organized?

The Knight Agency currently is composed of four ‘branches’ which each specialize in another area. Branch One is Battle, made up once of knights, now of soldiers recruited from armies all over the world. Branch Two is Infiltration, made up of those who do the dishonourable work, its agents are orphans, recruited as children. Branch Three is support, made up of businesspeople, administrators, and politicians, recruited for their abilities. Branch Four, the youngest branch and barely thirty years old, is Technology and made up of hackers, engineers, and other technicians, recruited directly from colleges and universities.
The knights forming Branch One quickly realized they needed someone to do all the dishonourable work: stealing, betraying, spying, assassinating. They started to take in orphans who could completely disappear from society. Branch Two was born. Later, both branches realized they needed someone for supplies, for tools and weapons. Branch Three came to life, also taking over the more and more complex administration of the Agency. Recently, Branch Four was split off from Branch Three to deal with technology in any form.
There is a certain enmity between Branch One and Branch Two, many soldiers seeing the infiltration specialists as cowards, whereas quite some Branch Two agents consider the soldiers to be fools for their obsession over honour - which is something an infiltration specialist can’t afford to have. However, recent events have created a friendship between the heads of Branch One and Branch Two and thus curbed the enmity quite a bit.
Each branch has a head and the whole Knight Agency has a head above those four. The current leaders are Sir Leonard Adams, Branch One, Sir Frederic Powell, Branch Two, Sir Robert Logan, Branch Three, and Sir Charles Evans, Branch Four. Above them stands Sir Howard Blythe as head of the Agency.

What does it do?

The Knight Agency considers itself ‘the thin red line which separates order from chaos.’ It’s the first line of their internal code of conduct. In essence, the Knight Agency keeps watch over mankind, identifying and neutralizing threats. It does matter little whether the threat is against all mankind or just against one person or one family.

What places do they have?

The headquarter, referred to as the ‘compound,’ is situated outside London beneath the venerable Blythe Manor, which is always occupied by the current Sir Blythe. It stretches over a large area and several levels and has grown into a subterranean town over the centuries.
In addition, the Agency has outlying bases all over the world (two bases in Ireland and Scotland being the latest additions) and several safe-houses for hiding and protecting those who need protection.
Branch Two agents, who are set up with identities to suit the needs of the Agency, usually also live in houses or apartments owned by the Agency.

This is a short overview over the Knight Agency, merely the basics. More is to come, once I introduce the main characters, most of which are working there…

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