Saturday, 27 August 2016

Crime Pays Sometimes has been released

“I am indeed very dangerous, but I am a dedicated Knight Agent as well. I have sworn to protect mankind and civilisation. To really rob you would be to stomp on everything I believe in. I’d rather die than do that.”
Sometimes you need a thief to catch a thief. Sometimes you need a criminal organisation to catch a criminal organisation. Jane Browne and her team make a great criminal organisation, if they want to. From the cold-blooded criminal mastermind over the risk-seeking right hand to the mercenary leader, the getaway driver, the secretary, and the engineer, they have what is needed. As supposed criminals, they are looking for a kidnapped scientist and trying to protect his family. And as if that isn’t enough, Jane also has been chosen as Maid of Honour for the wedding of her friend Myra. Unfortunately, the future mother-in-law is a monster-in-law who doesn’t accept the facts. Balancing her official and her real life was never harder for Jane, but one thing seems sure: sometimes crime does indeed pay.

Finally, my third novel has been released. Find it on Amazon and other platforms.

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