Saturday, 21 January 2017

Another look at the Knight Agency

In August, I did the last update for my writing here in this blog. I have posted a few things on Facebook, but mostly I just wrote and worked. Therefore, here is an update.

First of all, I broke my promise of four novels a year, for personal reasons. I was otherwise occupied during November and December and thus couldn’t manage to edit and proofread “A Plague of Rogues.” The novel will either be out in January or in February. Given I haven’t sold that many novels so far, I’m sure nobody will mind it too much.

“From Past to Future” followed as novel number five and with “Death Dealer,” a sixth novel has been finished on Christmas eve.
I already mentioned that “From Past to Future” deals with some happenings during Steven’s and Frederic’s active time and will change things for the female agents (minus Jane who already was doing more than just one kind of job).
The Syndicate is also present in “Death Dealer.” In this one, I have expanded Jane’s second skill set. Instead of adding heists for her, I gave her a lot of people to kill professionally. I had her do that once before in “From Past to Future” already, but I really focused on it in the sixth novel. “Death Dealer” has Jane develop another persona, after Jane Doe and the niece. Alex Stone comes to life as a male hitman at the beginning of his career, in order to get closer to some representatives of the Syndicate. There’s quite a body count in this story (which brings Jane a tad closer to Steven’s thousand enemies) and I had to figure out different things this time. I also bring in an agent from the US office (mentioned in “From Past to Future”) and give William, who also was introduced in the fifth novel, a bit more to do. You don’t live back to back with Steven and just enjoy your early retirement… “Death Dealer” also is the first novel in which I (closely) topped 100,000 words. I wrote thirty-five chapters for this one and it was exhausting in parts.

I’m currently at the beginning of the second Black Knight Agency novel and contemplating a way to get a few more pieces for my “Dirty Thirty” done. I also plan to publish “Damsel in no Distress” (my only finished erotica) soon, perhaps this month or next.

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