Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Fun Tool for Creativity

I’m the proud owner of my own iPad now … have been, for a couple of weeks already. I really like my tablet, but that’s not what this post is about. It’s about a fun app I found yesterday. It’s called The Brainstormer (App Shopper link, as I don’t browse iTunes through my browser) and will serve me well in the future, whenever I need a spark of inspiration.

The Brainstormer is nothing more or less than a device of three disks, each containing a couple of words that allow you to define something or someone (the app comes with one disk set for general ideas, the one for new animals is free, there’s one for characters and one for places, both at a few cents each). You can also add your own disk sets by making a new one and adding words for each disk. I played with the three additional disks and got the following combinations (by pure coincidence, / separates the disks):

Imagine Animals Disk Set (free additional set):

  • Spiked / Mermaid / Great White Shark (I’d love to see that one)
  • Segmented / Turtle / Elemental
  • Enslaved / Tadpole / Mouse
  • Fighting / Venus Flytrap / Jellyfish


  • The Mysterious Employer / Cosmic / Master of Ceremonies
  • The Puppet Master / Chinese / Emperor
  • The Damsel / Psychopathic / Gardener
  • The Corrupt Politician / Western / Monk


  • Noir / Stripped / Lighthouse
  • Great Depression / Exotic / Bungalow
  • Lovecraft-esque / Peaceful / Tomb
  • Wild West / Infested / Township

Just trying to combine the words, I can say the stories would be awesome. The main disk set gives basic ideas for stories, too, combined with the other three, there should be loads of strange and amusing things to make. And sometimes, all you need to spice up a story is a mad idea or two.

The Brainstormer, for making wacky stories even more wacky!

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