Monday, 3 June 2013

While the muse is not looking ...

Long time no see, I know. But this time it wasn’t a writer’s block, it was the opposite. The muse has been driving me for over a month now, I have just (two minutes or so ago) finished the fourth story in what could become a long series.

Since the middle of April, I have been writing over 100,000 words, spread over four novellas of 22,000 to 31,000 words each. What can I say? The muse was swinging her whip behind my back, keeping me at the keyboard. All stories share the main characters (and, boy, has the cast grown since I started the first one, Heart of Ice), but they are different in tone and, in a way, even in genre.
I think I might just have found the writing method that works for me ‒ thanks to Morgan Hawke for that. And I have found a character with enough possibilities to keep me thinking up new situations to put him in. (He can take it, he’s tough.) Not to mention all the support characters that have turned up already during the course of the four stories. I have a great cast now … and I think it will still grow quite a bit over time.
I have no idea how long this rush might keep or what I might do to the Trickster before it’s over, but he’s had more good than bad times so far … okay, the first story is hard on him, but the rest are far more fun.

I’ll do a separate post later (or tomorrow), presenting the four stories, probably with the text I will put up as description, if I (ever) get to edit them properly and put them on Feedbooks. Stay tuned for that.

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