Monday, 3 February 2014

Update again...

Okay, here’s another short update on my stories. I’m currently in the process of copy editing four stories for publishing. Those are:

Servant of Life (The Loki Files #6)
In the Blood (another Loki, another reality)
Chained God (yet another reality, told from a different point of view)
Living Conditions (a little buddy story, not related to the Loki Files)

I’m also working on a few more stories, some of which might be done soon. Dark Maiden is already developed pretty far, I’m even past the eight chapters I usually set at the beginning. Lighting and Ice has been haunting my thoughts for a while. Marriage Arrangements will probably turn out ok in the end, but I’m not actively working on it. There’s other stories I have partially or fully penned out, but not started writing yet.

I’m also working on my own website, but my software is not cooperating well. Once I’ve done that, I will couple it with my FB page (yes, quite some things have changed) and use it to present my stories better.

The muse is still pressing on, but she’s been good enough not to push me that hard lately, giving me more leeway. Thanks for that, dear muse!

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