Saturday, 29 March 2014

Releases and Updates

Time for another update on my writing. I’ve finished copy-editing four stories and put them at Feedbooks (see the links on the left). I’ve also changed and updated my website Quitter’s Ink. Now it contains my stories, including links to the free downloads. Those are the new stories:

Servant of Life (The Loki Files #6):
The Trickster of Asgard has been tamed, at least partially. But what will it take for him to sit on the throne of Asgard? Crisis and chaos, that’s what. Disease is sweeping through the realm, but where did it come from and how can it be fought? Ruling was never Loki’s preferred occupation, but when he’s the only one in the family not sick, he has to keep the throne occupied. And he has to rely on his agents to find out what’s going on.

Exiled to earth for a crime barely worth mentioning, only to be drawn into an intrigue two hundred years later. For Loki, that’s almost business as usual, has been since he was a child and came to grow up with the mighty Odin. But why is a young mortal the key to an intrigue that could plunge Asgard into chaos? Is there something in the blood?

You can get used to a boring life dedicated to work and being the ‘friend’ of a beautiful woman. Janet Blake certainly has. Then a strange ‘specimen’ is brought to the research facility she’s working in. A man with blue eyes and a silver tongue turns her life upside down, saves it, and claims it as a price. And that is just half the story of the chained god. (Warning: This story contains smut. Read at your own risk.)

Being exiled isn’t fun. It shouldn’t be, at any rate. However, being ‘forced’ to play a normal student at a college beats being ‘the other guy’ behind the crown prince. Loki is rather happy with his ‘new’ life - until his brother gets himself exiled as well. Living under one roof isn’t easy at first, but it surely brings the princes of Asgard back together - much to the dismay of Asgard’s enemies.

I’m working on more stories, but they are not done yet. After weeks of mostly copy-editing, I’m finally returning to writing … YAY for that.

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