Tuesday, 15 July 2014

A short update

So, what have I been writing? What do I plan to finish soon? Here’s my list:

When you meet the guy who wanted to rule earth, you can run away screaming - or start dating him. When you choose the latter, you should be prepared for strange happenings. (No outright smut, but suggestive suggestions.)
This one is done, but not edited yet.

Lightning and Ice
What could have happened, had Loki not been left out to die by his father? Well, for one thing, he would be able to annoy Laufey to no end. He’d also be a crown prince and he wouldn’t be Thor’s brother - but, perhaps, his friend.
This one is also done, but not edited.

All gods have died in Ragnarok and been reborn on earth. To return back home, the strongest three need to open the gates again. But how do you find three specific gods on today’s earth? And what happens once they’re found?
About one and a half chapter left to write, if I’m lucky and don’t have to add another.

Dark Maiden
Loki meets his significant other in the middle of a war - and she’s on the other side. What happens when two strong people with a dark side each stop being enemies and start being lovers?
A few chapters left to write, I hope to tackle it in one go.

Fairly-Struck (working title)
We all know the story of Sleeping Beauty, of course - the evil fairy godmother, the curse, the thorn hedge, the prince. But what happened afterwards, apart from ‘happily ever after?’ And was it the way the fairy tale makes us believe? A princess will be devastated by the truth.
Still some work on that one, was stuck on a jump in time the last time I worked on it, but I’m sure I can finish it (and find a better title).

I might get stuck a little for a few more days, that often happens after I finish a story, because I have to wrap my mind around the next thing to write. But I am definitely going to finish those stories.

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