Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Update on my editing

Another little update from me. I didn’t get to finish any of the stories I thought I would finish, but I did start several new stories and I did finish one of them. So, now I’m editing these three stories:

When you meet the guy who wanted to rule earth, you can run away screaming - or start dating him. When you choose the latter, you should be prepared for strange happenings. (No outright smut, but suggestive suggestions.)

Lighting and Ice
What could have happened, had Loki not been left out to die by his father? Well, for one thing, he would be able to annoy Laufey to no end. He’d also be a crown prince and he wouldn’t be Thor’s brother - but, perhaps, his friend.

Political Marriage
A political marriage is supposed to keep Loki safe from his oldest brother Byleistr. But can anyone be safe in a realm filled with people who hate him? Especially if one’s own husband is among them? Loki, however, is nothing if not used to fight and to adapt.

Again, I only have Loki stories up, but one of the two I started writing is both smut and completely devoid of Loki. And there’s still my fairy tale, of course, which has a male fairy, but no Loki. Editing them and putting them out should be done by the end of this week or next week, depending on how much I have to change about them.

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