Tuesday, 25 April 2017

More about the Knight Agency and a black cat

With “A Plague of Rogues” published in February, it’s time for the next novel to come out in May. It will not be another Knight Agency novel, but the first one of the Black Knight Agency series (which is now, with the second novel “Going Legal” finished, officially a series), “Criminal Ventures.”

What else has happened? “From Past to Future” had a name change and will now be published as “Changing Times.” I think the shorter title is better.

I also have been getting ideas for a third series: The Black Cat. It does have a different set of characters, the main leads are Inez and Tom Crowe, a current and a former cat burglar going by the moniker of ‘The Black Cat.’ Inez is fundamentally different from Jane and Tom is certainly no Steven. I’m looking forward to writing them and having Inez do a lot of heists. Work on “The Dresden Collier” will start as soon as the publishing of “Criminal Ventures” is done.

Jane will have more to do as well, since the Syndicate still isn’t completely destroyed. Her alternate-reality self will return at some point, too. After all, the Black Knight Agency is doing well.

My current publishing schedule (unforeseeable changes not included):
  • “Criminal Ventures” (Black Knight Agency 1) May 2017
  • “Changing Times” (Knight Agency 5) August 2017
  • “Death Dealer” (Knight Agency 6) November 2017
  • “Going Legal” (Black Knight Agency 2) February 2018
  • “The Dresden Collier” (The Black Cat) May 2018

That’s it with the short update. Now back to the regular program.

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