Thursday, 10 August 2017

An Update on the Knight Agency and the Magpie

Four months have passed since the last update, so here’s a new one. I’m currently proofreading “Changing Times,” the fifth Knight Agency novel. It will be out by the end of the month, as the publishing schedule says.

There have been some changes. The Black Cat has become the Magpie and the first novel of that series has changed its title from “The Dresden Collier” to “One For Sorrow.” The main characters and the story as a such haven’t changed, though.
I had a few amusing weeks writing two novellas of around 20,000 words each with a new main character, John Stanton, who lives in a Steampunk alternate reality. As soon as the third story is done, the first three will come together in “John Stanton - Agent of the Crown Vol. 1.” It will, as it currently stands, be made up of the stories “The Case of the Modern Bluebeard,” “The Case of the Dead Socialite,” and “The Case of the Extinct Fish.” For me, this has been a nice trip into outright pulp territory which I highly enjoyed.

So here’s my updated publishing schedule:

  • August 2017: Changing Times (Knight Agency 5)
  • November 2017: Death Dealer (Knight Agency 6)
  • February 2018: Going Legal (Black Knight Agency 2)
  • May 2018: One For Sorrow (The Magpie 1)
  • August 2018: John Stanton - Agent of the Crown Vol. 1

John Stanton’s adventures, not being regular fare, might actually get published somewhat in between. I’m currently also considering bundling my two finished Swenson & Carter stories and publishing them on Amazon.

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